Make the stateful services self-manage.

FireCamp is an open source platform that makes it easy to setup, manage and scale the stateful services. The platform Dockerizes the stateful services and run them on top of the popular container orchestration frameworks, such as AWS ECS, Docker Swarm, Mesos and Kubernetes. The platform deeply integrates with the popular open source stateful services to make them self-manage. The services include MongoDB, Cassandra, Kafka, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch, etc. 

FireCamp decouples the Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) engine from the Vendor’s services, such as DynamoDB. The single function could then run on any FaaS engine, and simply talk to the same stateful services, such as Cassandra, on any cloud.

  • 100% Open Source: The FireCamp Platform is completely open source and you are welcome to join the community!
  • Built on top of Container Orchestration Frameworks: The FireCamp Platform is designed to work with the popular orchestration frameworks (AWS ECS, Docker Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes). You are free to choose any orchestration framework you like.
  • Service Catalog Included: Just one command to install the distributed stateful services.
  • Fast and Auto Failover: When the container of a service member moves to a different node, the platform will automatically move the data volume and membership to the new container. There is no data copy involved during the failover.
  • Secure: Security is enforced at both the platform level and service level. The platform enforces the SecurityGroup to protect the access nodes. The user & password are required to access the services, and service specific security features are also enabled.

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